Dampis <3

Jag älskar dig, min underbara fina lilla Dampis<3
Finner inga ord för hur mycket jag saknar dig..

Postat av: Anonym

I red your story about Dampis. I`m pretty sure that the same pony Sabys Dandy is here in Finland and lives now in a small private riding school. He is now at trial period and then the owner decides are she going to keep Dampis at her riding school.If I understood swedish right, does that "Triangelmärk" in Dampis case mean that Dandy is not allowed jump or do anything else than just walkin?.I wonder is it good for him at be a riding school horse? Tell me if I´m wrong and understood the hole thing wrong.( Sorry,my english is not very good.)

2011-07-22 @ 22:49:06

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